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About Me

I was born and raised in Carson City, NV and currently live in Lake Tahoe, Ca. My art is influenced not only by the beauty of the surrounding area, but also by my travels around the world. I am mostly a self-taught artist; my oil and watercolor painting technique is unique in its detail and realistic style. I love to manipulate color and drive detail to create my popular photo-like paintings. I take pride in painting my own international photographs and strive to create paintings that depict the grand beauty of our world as well as its small details. Check it out!

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Oil Paintings

My favorite medium for large landscapes, detailed architecture, or vibrant colors. My all around go-to medium for professional style artwork.


The medium perfect for small "en plein air" paintings, greeting cards, and animal portraits. My style uses color and detail unlike traditional watercolor techniques.


Mostly ink doodles that transform into full drawings or a series. Drawing with pen is a great challenge to practice line, form and value. I draw on a smaller scale with just as much detail.

Oil Paintings

Watercolor Paintings


Contact Me

    I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.